Jey Coleman is a men’s clothing brand that pushes the boundaries of men’s style towards the concept of zero intolerance. No more intolerance.

Jey Coleman developed three main concepts. The suit, or as the specialists say, “outerwear”, which has been part of its DNA for over twenty years. The concept of collection, no longer seen as a simple variation on a single item but as a progressive logical transformation of garments. And finally, the desire to deconstruct the various aesthetic attitudes of contemporary men, in order to re-articulate them into a unique remix: a hypothesis that lies at the heart of Jey Coleman’s very identity.

Why zero intolerance? It means positive thinking, openness, honesty, outspokenness: in other words, abandoning the intolerance typical of many aesthetic categories of men’s style. Such as the tough and aggressive look of the stiff tailored suit, which seems to say: a body armour against everybody. Or the super-designer label, that seems to say: you’re either with me or you are nobody. Or the extreme street style teenagers use to express their disregard of rules. Headed by Vito Monti and Sandro Spadoni, Jey Coleman deconstructs modernity with a positive approach: through the suit, it does not seek to defend or to offend.

It incorporates this modernity by absorbing fashion signs from the street and the world, from teenagers or their parents, constructing a totally cool new code.
The collection comprises an amazing range of garments that tell the story of the contemporary man: global, modern, thoughtful, conscious. An underlying theme connects the formal suit to the skateboarder look: the male body is the grammar of this new language. A body that is not afraid to express its own limits, but simply reformulates them from an aesthetic point of view.

From New York to Tokyo, from Los Angeles to Milan, from London to Beijing, Jey Coleman says that outerwear is no longer the same: it is being re-mixed. Jey Coleman is making urban outfits obsolete, creating a look that, with a collection of 250 pieces, offers endless combinations, to enhance the male body through its different aesthetic. The tailored suit, made to hide body imperfections, is no longer necessary. Jey Coleman hides nothing, rather it reinterprets the body with new grammars and new languages.

Yet its modernity, combined with its shrewd experience, does not confine it to a niche of self-concerned fashion victims but embraces all those men that are experiencing first-hand this phase of global change in consumption and aesthetics.

After many years of work, Jey Coleman is pleased to launch for the first time this season a new, prestigious communication plan.
The team, with the advertising campaign image created by art director Roberto Zardon, introduced the most important variable in the system: a trendy image, establishing a dialogue with the market through the mass media and defining a universal language able to communicate its message effectively.
With this project, Jey Coleman celebrates its ongoing commercial expansion – through a strategy identified with great dedication by the style department. Deep and convincing, it has deconstructed male rules, and expanded them in order to meet new, more rewarding, challenges. With more than 250 shops selling Jey Coleman products, in Italy and the world. Moreover, Jey Coleman owns five stores, in Milan and a number of cities among the most popular tourist destinations.

Who is Jey Coleman’s look for? All those men with an aesthetic sense who want to have a contemporary look. A collection that is like a world open to tolerance: just like Voltaire had taught us at the end of the 18th century.